Combination Kinetic Air Release Valve

Combination kinetic air release valve provide 3 functions: 1.Large air release during flling of the pipeline.
2.Small air release under pressurized pipeline.
3.Large air intake during draining of the



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Advanced design with simple mechanism, strong float to prevent cracking during sudden water hammer& quick closure.

. Aerokinetic mechanism to resist blow shut under higher air velocity even up to sonic velocity of air.
. No arms or levers to prevent vibrating, bending, direct closure of the float.
. Smooth cage outside of the float, keep float moving in specified guide rail.
. Bottom rubber buffer for collision prevention, and drain easy with proper holes around the cage during vacuum.
. Outside screen will be an option for safety and prevent insects or birds in.
. Fully fusion epoxy coated inside and outside of valve body for long term services.
. Manufacturing standard meets BS EN 1074-3, AWWA C512
. Flange drilling and dimension meets BS EN 1092 and BS EN 558 and ANSI flange.